Pending North Korea Sanctions Legislation that could affect CFK’s work

URGENT: Update on Pending North Korea Sanctions Legislation that could affect CFK’s work

Thank you to all who have been praying and who have voiced your strong support to your Senators and House Member for humanitarian aid to continue in North Korea.

As the Washington Post reports, Senate committee to tackle its own North Korea bill next week, the Senate is currently debating how strong the humanitarian exemptions in the bill should be.

  1. This week is critical to this process. Please pray that the final bill will adequately protect the full scope of privately funded humanitarian work that is saving or improving the lives of many ordinary North Koreans every day.Protect NK Aid
  2. Your voice matters – if you can, please reach out by email to your US Representatives (House/Senate) and let them know you support private broad scale humanitarian assistance to the people of the DPRK.
  3. Please continue to pray, and urge your friends, your church, and your colleagues to #protectNKaid through Facebook, Twitter, and other means. Washington D.C. needs to know that the people of the US care deeply about the suffering people of the DPRK and want responsible, targeted, and life-saving aid to continue despite the challenging diplomatic context.



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