Serving Christ in North Korea

Mission Statement

Christian Friends of Korea is dedicated to serving Christ by ministering in His name among the 24 million people of North Korea through the delivery and confirmation of humanitarian aid, as well as construction projects and training.

The Mission At Hand: Beginning in 1995, North Korea suffered from floods and droughts for several successive years, leading to widespread hunger, malnutrition, and disease. Since then, we have been blessed to send, on behalf of many longstanding partner organizations, churches and individuals and over $79 million worth of goods to very needy segments of the population. During this time, we have established trust and strong relationships with the institutions, organizations, and individuals with whom we work. The humanitarian aid, we send, comes in the form of food, medicine, agricultural supplies and equipment, bedding and blankets, medical equipment, and supplies, as well as other needed goods for hospitals and rest homes in North Korea. In an effort to be sure the aid goes to those intended, we make regular confirmation trips to 30 supported facilities.

With developmental aid, we are involved in the renovation of multiple health care facilities, re-equipping projects, solar powered water projects, water well drilling, greenhouse building, medical staff training, and the list continues. The need in the DPRK is extensive, but as God provides, we respond.


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Christian Friends of Korea
P.O. Box 936
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Phone: 828-669-2355


Words of Truth

Call upon me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you cannot see.

— Bible, Jeremiah 33:3
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