A Brief History of CFK

1995 – In 1995, Christian Friends of Korea was established by a group of people who had seen an opportunity to impact a nation in the form of sustained ministry through the name of Christ. The opportunity had first been realized through following Billy Graham’s visits to North Korea in 1992 and 1994. Initially named the “Eugene Bell Centennial Foundation” in honor of one of the early missionaries to Korea, our initial efforts included sending food in response to the flooding and other disasters that occurred in North Korea during 1995.

1997 – As time passed the deepening need of the North Korean people became more obvious. Beginning in 1997, we responded to a request for support of tuberculosis facilities that were seeing a large increase in the number of patients due to the hardships the nation seemed to be experiencing. Our work in these facilities continues, and on a regular basis, we visit each of the institutions that we support to confirm the arrival, distribution and use of these goods, and to assess current needs.

1998 – In 1998, we changed our name to “Christian Friends of Korea” to better reflect our identity and purpose. Soon after, we focused our efforts on the Southwestern region of North Korea (North and South Hwanghae Provinces and the provincial city region of Kaesong). We now provide ongoing support to 30 facilities, including the National TB Hospital and 7 prophylactic provincial tuberculosis or hepatitis hospitals, and close to 15 tuberculosis and hepatitis rest homes scattered throughout this geographical region (many of them in remote areas). In 2002, we were invited to provide assistance to the Kaesong Provincial Pediatric Hospital and the pediatric facility at the tuberculosis hospital in Pyongyang. From time to time, we provide limited assistance to the Mangyongdae District People’s Hospital in Pyongyang.

2008 – In a public appeal, the North Korean government again asked the world to help feed their people in 2008. In response, CFK with World Vision, Mercy Corps, Samaritan’s Purse, and Global Resource Services partnered in a USNGO food delivery effort. The program was funded by USAID/Food for Peace, staffed by 16 resident USNGO representatives, and delivered 71,000 metric tons of food to 900,000+ needy people in North Pyongan and Chagang provinces.

2009 – In 2009, at the request of the Ministry of Public Health and in partnership with Stanford University and the Bay Area TB Consortium, we began a major renovation project at the National TB Reference Hospital in Pyongyang. The lab is now fully operational, and we continue to facilitate training of the staff towards international accreditation in partnership with Stanford and other experts. Aiding tuberculosis facilities has become a predominant focus of our ministry simply because the need is so outstanding. The number of registered tuberculosis cases has gone from 52,000 in 2007 to over 100,000 this year. (see training photos)

2013 – In 2013, we were asked to build a second story onto an already existing building (next to the National TB Reference Hospital) to provide expanded classroom and other space needed to support training activities in subjects ranging from lab and TB treatment methods, equipment use and maintenance, anesthesia, and ultrasound and surgery. The building was completed in May of 2014. (see construction photos)

140528_LECTURE-STONE-24632014 – May of 2014 marked the first training workshop at the new training center in Pyongyang. This in-depth workshop brought together US experts from Global Care Partners and Stanford University together with primary care physicians and laboratory specialists from many different tuberculosis care centers in North Korea, who are on the front lines of diagnosing and treating TB and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patients.

2015 – At the request of the Ministry of Public Health for the past year, Christian Friends of Korea, in partnership with Hepatitis B Free and Global Care Partners, has been working to begin to address the suffering, morbidity, and mortality caused by unchecked chronic Hepatitis B. Out of our efforts, thus far, an outline for a proposed 10-year pilot program has emerged to focus primarily on improving diagnostic capability to support the provision of life-saving antiviral therapy to chronic Hepatitis B patients, who have been screened and qualify for participation in the program.

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Words of Truth

O Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.

— Bible, Isaiah 33:2
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