Eugene-OhDSC03095“My first experience with CFK was in 2008 as part of a large-scale food relief effort in North Korea. For ten months, I lived in Sinuiju City and made hundreds of visits to villages, schools, and hospitals throughout the North Pyongyang Province. I even visited homes and met with common villagers, learning about their plight against hunger and poor health. From that time, I have committed myself as a part-time medical volunteer with CFK, working to address the tremendous health burden caused by tuberculosis, hepatitis, and malnutrition.”

“Here are just some of the reasons for why I choose to volunteer with CFK:
  •  CFK works for those in greatest need (the rural poor who suffer from chronic malnutrition and who have been affected by diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis), and they don’t just send money or supplies, but instead, CFK sends its people to the villages where it operates and works hand-in-hand with the North Korean people.
  • CFK is rooted in a century old tradition of missionaries to the Korean Peninsula. Even though they provide practical help through health and medicine, sharing the love of Christ to the people of North Korea continues to be their central mission.
  • With Christian Friends of Korea, I know that every dollar counts. CFK carefully chooses its projects and recruits experts in the field in order to maximize its impact.  They operate with very little staffing and operational cost, and CFK is accountable to their donors and beneficiaries. I can trust that the medicine and food are reaching the people who need it most.

“Volunteering with CFK has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I hope that you will also consider supporting this ministry. I trust that you will be blessed in doing so.”

Eugene Oh, MD MPH
International Emergency Medicine and Global Health

My first impression was that the level of rapport CFK has with their NKorea counterparts, given the concerns that I know they have had on this issue, seemed to me to be remarkably good. Maybe the spirit of celebration masked some underlying tensions, but as I watched the principal Korean characters I was hard-pressed to see anything other than respect and affection in their attitude towards the CFK team.

Secondly I was very impressed with several of the young doctors to whom we met at the TB lab, whose enthusiasm, dedication and exceptional English were most striking. The evident delight that they took in the facilities which CFK has been able to provide them, and the access to the Stanford team and the training they were imparting, was wonderful to see.

CFK has a great deal of which to be proud. The CFK crew are a terrific group of individuals and I look forward to staying engaged and doing what I can to help them advance the work.

-Nick Harbinson

Nick Harbinson
Tantallon Capital Advisors

The trip to DPRK was absolutely a unique and valuable experience. I would like to thank you for all your support to make this experience a rewarding and fulfilling one. It was definitely a blessing and honor to be working with such distinguished professionals such as yourself. I admire your completely dedication, cheerful spirit, and Christ-like love. "His lord said unto him, well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." This verse surfaced as I am remembering your work in NK.

What made this trip unique was the little things such as morning devotions (as if each message was directly prepared for me), attending Sunday service at Chilgol Church, blessings before each meal and etc. I marvel at how things worked out so smoothly despite our diverse background.

I really liked what Dr. Han shared about the past and present. I cannot imagine how much frustration and tears much have been shed for these projects.

-Lind Kuo

Linda Kuo
California State TB Reference Laboratory

I had an incredible time and was so impressed with all the work that CFK had done. It was an honor to help with the lab training and I look forward to seeing (and hopefully participating in!) the future progress of the lab.

-Dr. Robert Luo

Dr. Robert Luo
Stanford University Microbiology Laboratory

The more we reflect on our trip and the ministry of CFK the more happy [Water4] are to be involved with you. CFK...are doing such a great work over there. There is such a darkness over there by Christ being systematically removed from society that when you guys come in and shine the Light it sheds such a bright contrast, this is how Christ is being revealed!!!

This is one of the most significant ministries I have been involved in and the only evangelism that took place is this "showing" Christ not necessarily proclaiming Christ but how powerful this ministry is!!

Dick Greenly

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I had an incredible time and was so impressed with all the work that CFK had done.

Dr. Robert Luo

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