Tractors, Cargo Tricycles, and Motorcycles


IMG_6886Walking tractors come in sets that include the tractor, a trailer, tiller, plow and irrigation pump. They are used by rural facilities 5-8 hours each day to help care centers grow more food for patients, year-round, and generally last 5-6 years before needing replacement. We have provided tractors to all of our supported facilities, and provide ongoing support with parts and consumables.

Many CFK supported facilities are located in very remote areas, miles from the hospital where they receive their supplies.  The roads are narrow, and often in poor repair. Cargo motorcycles provide an efficient and practical means for local rest homes to carry goods and patients longer distances.

In 2014, we were able to send 17 motorcycles to care center directors, providing them better transportation for meeting patients, gathering supplies, and other aspects of their work.

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